Marie Miller Spa Services
Stop a Minute, right where you are.  Relax your shoulders, shake your head and spine like a dog shaking off cold water.  Tell that imperious voice in your head to be still..      ~Dr. Barbara Kingsolver
Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. ~William S. Burroughs


Swedish Massage

This form of massage uses long gentle strokes, kneading, and friction techniques that are applied to muscles, ligaments and tendons that promotes overall relaxation!  Benefits of this treatment include but is not limited to: increased blood circulation, decreased blood pressure. $60/50 Min $85/90 Min

Deep Tissue

Using more pressure and long slow strokes, this form of massage focuses on deeper muscle, ligament and tendon tissues.  This technique helps decrease chronic pain patterns and can provide overall relaxation as well. $60/50 Min  $85/90 Min


This form of massage is designed specifically to help women relax, and provide relief from aches and pains that are associated with the body changes during pregnancy.  Women must be outside of their first trimester and not be considered high risk.  $70/50 Min

Therapeutic Massage

This type of massage is perfect for the individual that has area specific aches or pains that need addressed.  The therapist will use a combination of techniques that are geared to help provide relief, help increase flexibility, decrease muscle spasms and trigger points.  $60/50 Min   $85/90 Min

Chair Massage

Great for individuals who aren’t comfortable undressing or are unable to receive a traditional massage on the table.  Also a great option for businesses looking to show their appreciation to their employees!  $1/Minute with 15 Minute minimum  Corporate Rates: Contact us for additional informaiton.

Spa Treatments

Body Polish

Full body exfoliation resulting in refined, hypdrated, and supple skin in an overall invigorating experience. Perfect for individuals who have been exposed to too much sun and their skin is dry and flaking. You can choose from exfoliation salt scrub, sugar scrub or crushed walnut scrub. $80/50 Min   $105/90 Min

Spa Sampler

Perfect for the indecisive person!  This treatment incorporates a combination of treatments including: body polish, essential oil, mud, and lotion application all applied to the back region.  This is an ultimate pampering session in just 60 minutes!  $80/50 Min


Focusing on the feet, pressure is applied to specific areas that correlate to other areas of the body stimulating overall relaxation and tension relief. Great for those that have issues with Plantar fasciitis or just dealing with everyday stress on the feet and ankles.  $40/30 Min    $60/50 Min

Treat Your Feet

This foot treatment is the ultimate pampering treatment for your feet! Uses mud therapy and steaming hot towels in addition to a reflexology session to provide relief to stressed out, tired and achy feet!. $75/50 minutes


Warm parafin wax is applied to hands or feet providing relief to aching joints, and promotes relaxation.  Beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, over use and everyday stressors.  Great as an add on to any massage session! $10 for hands or feet